Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life Conversations: Prioritizing

The last week month has been full of lots of happy news from a lot of people we love - mostly baby news and puppy news. Those things are definitely not of the same caliber but both involve the potential for lots of softness and cuddling. And both are guaranteed to make you involuntarily say "awwwww!!!" and cock your head to one side. Unless you hate babies or puppies in which case you are a horrible person. Go away and stop reading my blog!!! Totally joking.

Moving on... The following share worthy exchange occurred in response to the most recent baby news (from an awesome friend) and puppy news (from Joe's parents).

Joe: I want the following things in the following order - a baby, a puppy, and ... a hamster
Me: A hamster?
Joe: yes.
Me: I mean, I love hamsters but why the hamster?
Joe: I think it would make me happy to see the hamster is his cage with his little hamster wheel
Me: ok...what about a guinea pig? Remember when we wanted one? You can potty train them and they are super communicative
Joe: Really? You can train them?
Me: yup
Joe: aw, like Buster! [his sister's adorable, and now deceased guinea pig] hmmm...ok. I want a baby, a puppy, and a guinea pig ... or a hamster!

Kids, I live with a toddler.

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  1. haha, Joe.

    Yesterday a coworker of mine announced her family is getting a puppy. I was as enthusiastic as her 13 year old daughter...over the moon. Yey, puppies! And babies. I hope you two are getting busy!